Team Programming

On October 18 there was a PlovDev conference. This is a second year of this conference aiming to strengthen the IT community. I was one of the speakers with a theme “Team Programing”.

Programing is a teamwork. Good results are achieved by a good team. To have a good team, all members should know how to program in a team.

I talked for several important rules in team programming:

1. Coding convention

2. Comments in the code

3. Testing the code

4. Work with Source Control systems

5. Work ethics

Here’s the presentation (in Bulgarian language) in a PDF format.


The conference was very interesting with topics covering different areas of programming. I met people from different cities of the country, exchanged ideas, and networked.

I thank the organizers for the perfect organization and I hope soon to have new releases to promote best practices in programming.

Here are some photos from the conference