Power and weakness of C++

On October 12 we opened the autumn conferences with PlovDev – a conference that aims to strengthen the IT community. I was one of the speakers, as my presentation was entitled “The strength and weakness of C++”.

I had noticed over the years that there are programmers who underestimate C++ or afraid of it. Others use it in a way that actually damages the projects they work on. So I wanted to show the audience the strengths of the language and how to use them in practice. At the same time I wanted to show them the weakness of the language and how to use it for the benefit of the work. The main idea that I wanted to show is very well described in this text:

freedomFreedom is the core objective in C++ language design.

1. It has all features, but it never forces anything to programmers. You can choose to do all sorts of programming like assembly, structured, OOPS, functional, meta, confused, etc…

2. You can bypass everything. If you don’t want OOPS, you can use the C subset. If you want to bypass STL and use Boost C++ Libraries you can do so. If you want to bypass C++ runtime you can do so.

C++ treats you like an adult.
C++ gives you great power.
And with great power, comes great responsibility.

Here’s the presentation (in Bulgarian language) a PDF format. And this is a video record of the presentation (in Bulgarian language).


The conference was very interesting with topics covering different areas of programming. I met people from different cities of the country, exchanged ideas, and networked.

I thank the organizers for the perfect organization and I hope soon to have new releases to promote best practices in programming.

Here are some photos from the conference