Nominations for Best IM

Hello friends,

As you know I work on a project called Brosix. The nominations for Best IM 2011 organized by started on Friday 14.

I wanted to ask you to spend a minute and nominate us. Please, enter your name and e-mail and click the “Send” button.

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Nominations will be closed on February 4. If we are nominated, with your help, we will participate in the finals.

Could you also please tell your friends about this nomination?

There’s no prize–just the joy of winning 🙂

The original’s nomination page is here.

Brosix is a chat Internet application, very much similar to AIM, Windows Live and Skype, that you probably use. The difference is that I create it, there are no ads and it is free 😉

You can learn more about Brosix on its web site

Android phone and call end

On Call End icon

Android phones are very interesting and powerful toys. And, at least my Google Nexus One, are more computers than phones. I guess this is the reason why my phone has a strange feature – each time a call ends, the phone opens the call log screen. Why? Why do I need to know I had a talk with my wife a second ago? This was very annoying.

Well, I created an Android application that monitors the phone state and when a call ends it opens a screen of my choice instead of call log. I have this application for two days now and I enjoy how good the phone is (now) 🙂

I published it on Adnroid Market and for less than two days it was downloaded 400 times. The application is called “On Call End”. If you want it, just enter “On Call End” in the Android Market “Search” and follow the instructions.

On Call End settings
On Call End settings
On Call End Options to navigate after a call
On Call End Options to navigate after a call